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ANNOUNCE: aprstlm-1.2.1

Hi All,

In celebration of PCSAT going ops normal for a bit again, Here is
the version 1.2.1 of aprstlm, which can display telemetry from
both PCSAT and PCSAT2.

A tarball is avaliable at http://www.xciv.org/~iain/aprstlm/v1.2/ ,

The website has not been updated yet (should be this weekend, pending
Rugby, and Motor Racing...) 

However the tarball contains build instructions, and the screen and
User Interfaces are very similar to aprstlm v1.0. Also see the tarball
for the full Changelog.

Thanks must go to John Ronan, EI7IG who helped debug v1.0, and offered
a number of very good suggestions.

Version 1.3.x is already in the planning stages, and will be a complete
internal rewrite to permit easier addition of new Spacecraft, and
easier A/B Side handling, as well as a slightly simpler screen layout.
(Check the website after this weekend for some mockup screenshots)

I'm planning on support for PCSAT, RAFT, and ANDE, and well as any
other APRS Telemetry style bird that comes along (Are there any
others at present that I'm forgetting ?). It will probably not 
support PCSAT2, as she will be returned to Earth before too long.

(Bob, *IF* the next Shuttle flight is delayed again with the latest
news on the ECO problem etc, is there any chance PCSAT2 will stay out
there, or is she scheduled to be brought inside on a particular EVA ?)

All the Best

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