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PCSAT-1, PCSAT2 Joint operations.

PCSAT-1 just entered full sun and should be OPS
NORMAL for the next week for sure, and a few
weeks beyond that if not overloaded.

During this period, PCSAT2 will be shifted to its
145.825 downlink so that both birds are operating
on the same frequency.  This will give users on
145.825 an APRS link capability over 12 passes per
day combined and some rare dual hop opportunities.

1) Un-attended beacons are NOT authorized
2) Operations in the Dark are NOT authorized
3) Human contacts only.  One packet per minute typical
4) This will start after 1830z on 9 March.
5) Report seeing any 2 hop telemetry from one
    spacecraft to the other.

Of course the more that transmit, the FEWER the
success potential.  Concentrate on seeing how many
people you can SEE.  THe most efficient way to make
a two-way contact for this event is:

1)  send a QSL packet with a list of all calls you have copied.
2) Look for the QSL list from another station with your call.

That's a two-way as defined in APRS for this event,
(though not by ARRL contest rules  But those rules are
inefficient on a one-to-all network like an APRS satellite).

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR
USNA Satellie Ground Station
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