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Re: Polarization switching products and/or relay recomendations

I have built all of my sat antennas, and have used Tohtsu coaxial relays that
I purchased from Henry Radio in LA. I use both the Model CX140 and the CX230.
They are rated for 300 watts. They use 12V for switching. I have had 2 years
of use without a glitch. They may get switched as many as 6 times per pass.
The photos at my webpage show the CX230 on a (K5OE) Potato Masher Ant. I now
Use the CX140 which has either a UHF connector or type N.
www.stormchaser.cjb.net  The prices from www.henryradio.com  are good. Also, I
found them good to deal with.
Jerry VE6AB
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