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AO-7 into eclipse - March 15

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to give an update based on the best keps I have and a few 
tests I've run.  I'm not banking on this because depending on which 
tracking program I run the numbers seem to vary slightly, however it 
seems that AO-7 will go back into eclipse on ascending passes 
sometime on March 15th 2006.  This means that the 24 hour timer will 
be reset when the eclipse occurs.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been making contacts on AO-7 
during the non-eclipse period for making this one of the busiest 
times on AO-7 since I've been keeping the log.  As John LA2QAA has 
pointed out there are many DX opportunities and I continue to receive 
comments like "I just worked AO-7 for the first time and it is 
AWESOME"  My own excitement continues even today, working WA6DIR when 
AO-7 was in Mode B and 1 degree above the horizon even though I have 
3 degree mountains on my horizon (knife edge I suspect.)   It's a 
very exciting satellite to work and the builders who sacrificed so 
much of their personal time crafting it should take pride that after 
so many years it goes on and on.

In the immortal words of Ben K9DID, when asked about the fun of 
working amateur satellites...."it never ends".



N1DID formerly W0EEC - CM87tm

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