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Re: AMSAT Journal info

I did some experimenting today, and scanned my latest Journal at various 
resolutions from 100DPI to 600DPI, and found that 150 was more than adequate 
for on-screen viewing, so they certainly don't need to be high-res, as they 
would be for mass printing...

Who do we need to talk to at AMSAT about proceeding with this?  And does 
anyone know WHY the Journals have not been released on CD-ROM since 2000? 
The ARRL puts QST out on CD annually, and in 5-year collections as well....

George, KA3HSW

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> Yes, the Journal is in electronic form when sent to the printer. In high
> resolution PDF format for printing it is usually over 30 mb in size. 
> That's
> more than I can e-mail. If this turns into a viable project someone will 
> need
> to set up an FTP site to receive the files. I have the issues I have done 
> from
> late 2004 through present. I don't have earlier ones. The original files 
> are
> in either PageMaker or InDesign. The layout files in PageMaker are huge -
> sometimes well over 300 mb! (Yes, 300!) InDesign files are a little 
> smaller
> but not too much. That's why I originally said it would take quite a while 
> to
> upload in layout format.
> Regards and 73,
> Ed Long
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