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Re: AMSAT Journal info

George wrote:
> 12 MB should only take about 1 minute or so on a broadband connection if 
> the server has decent bandwidth...  If anyone wants to send me their
> 2000 and later Journals (they will be returned), I would be happy to 
> scan them to PDF's and try to find space to host them.

    I actually spoke to Martha several months ago about creating
another CDROM for the more recent AMSAT Journals.

    We could scan old Journals, but the PDF files need to be
searchable and indexed.  I wasn't able to find any software
(at affordable prices) that would scan the images from paper,
perform the OCR and create an index. Anyone? Anyone?

    Various people have been the editor over the last five
years.  I'm not sure what format(s) each editor used, but
it would be better to start with their electronic versions
and build the searchable PDFs from those.  We just need
to get all the files from all the past editors and convert
them to PDFs and index the whole collection.

    I'm willing to help on this project, and I have a
document scanner if we go that route.

Let me know,

Douglas KA2UPW/5
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