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Re: AMSAT Journal info

The existing AMSAT Journal CDs have an index.  Any future Journal CD's 
should have similar search/index capability, and not just "dumb" PDF 
files.  Also, I'm sure that AMSAT would need to control distribution of 
the (copyrighted) Journal archive, and make a profit from it if possible.

What we really need is a volunteer to make new AMSAT Journal CDs with a 
proper index.  I would be willing to do the work if somebody gave me 
some instructions about how to do this.

As the former "Satellite DX" editor, I'm know that AMSAT Journals were 
released in PDF format for proofreading purposes at least as far back as 
Jan/Feb 2003.  I'm copying Martha, and maybe she can tell us how far 
back in time she has PDF copies of the AMSAT Journal.  It should be a 
relatively simple project to make Journal CDs if we have Journal PDF's 
going back to Jan/Feb 2001.

We could have a strong incentive for folks to join AMSAT if a member's 
only section of the AMSAT web site had Journal PDFs for download.  But 
once the PDFs are on a web site, it wouldn't take long for unauthorized 
copies to be widely distributed.  So the incentive to join AMSAT might 
be rather short-lived.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik
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