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Re: JOhn Kraus antennas

Robert - Kraus is an excellent antenna book. It is theoretical, but 
does have many practical applications.

If you are looking for something more in depth than the ARRL ANtenna 
Book it is good. Much of it is available to those with a basic 
knowledge of algebra and ham radio level E&M, but the rest requires 
some basic Physics, basic calculus and vectors, but that should be 
nearly everybody these days.  The book is very useful even at the 
algebra level though.

You don't need to ask our opinion, no matter how good it is. Look at it 
and decide for yourself. A technical library, college or university 
level will certainly have this standard, good public libraries should 
have a copy, and even a small library can get you a copy on 
interlibrary loan. Even if you decide not to purchase one, it is always 
nice to have one available for occasional use at a library.

Let us know what you decide. - Duffey

James Duffey KK6MC/5
Cedar Crest NM 87008
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