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Re: FW: Bracewell Observsatory - any AMSAT usage?


Thank you for pointing out the petition.  The lack of callsigns do not mean
that many signatories are not also hams.  Probably over half the membership of
SARA are ham radio operators as well as amateur (radio) astronomers.  The same
goes for many supporters of the Bracewell rescue effort.  We thank the hams
that are writing and voting to help us save this radio telescope array of five
50-foot dishes.

Recently, I received an e-mail from Peter Guelzow of Amsat-DL with an
interesting proposal for Bracewell to support the P5A Mars Project.  We
seem to
not have a loss of good projects that Bracewell could participate, just the
lack of vision from the Stanford administration.  If we can get them to agree
to lease the site and not demolish it, then our real work of restoration of
dishes begins.  We are ready and willing to get on with that.


At 10:11 AM 3/5/2006 -0500, Tim Tapio wrote:
>Don't just vote, sign the petition as well.  I saw very few amateur
>callsigns listed and less than 1100 signatures (I was 1097).
>Help save this!
>73 de Tim, K4SHF
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>"A year-long effort of the Friends of the Bracewell Observatory Association
>and the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers is coming to a critical point.
>Standord University is about to demolish this important radio observatory
>which we have been attempting to save for use by both amateurs and
>professionals. Your participation in this survey may be the only thing left
>in halting the demise of this historical site. Please visit the website if
>you wish more background about what we are striving to do:"


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