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RE: ICOM IC-910H and SSB DCW-15B Sequencer

Hello George,

Thank you for your very good suggestion.  

I have received one reply that told to connect it via the ACC socket.  Well,
this was my actual intention to connect it so as to provide the proper
sequence to power off the preamp and then to power up the linear amp (in the
future) during a transmission.

But your method is very useful too, because if the power amp used does not
have an external PTT control (solely an RF VOX model) then your method
solves the problem.  This is because it takes the PTT line from the Mic or
TNC and then only key up the transceiver after ensuring the power to the
preamp is removed.  

It is also good to use this when using solely the transceiver (without
linear amp) because I guess it eliminates the need of RF sensing relays.
And also provides a better protection should the relays fail.

Although this was not my original intended way to wire them up, nevertheless
you solved another problem (on using RF VOX only linear amplifiers) of mine,
which I have been thinking for a long time.  Thank you very much once again.

Have a nice weekend to all.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

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Unfortunately, the SSB Electronics website does not have the DCW-15B manual 
online, so I couldn't look at their instructions, but typically you connect 
the PTT line from your microphone or a footswitch to the PTT-in pin of any 
sequencer, and the delayed PTT-out line then goes to the PTT pin of the 
microphone or accessory jack of the rig.  The mike audio goes straight to 
the rig, of course.  A Google search showed several ham sites with 
descriptions or schematics of their DCW-15B installations, and most appear 
to have built a small box to go between their microphone and radio, with the

PTT line cut and rerouted thru the sequencer.

George, KA3HSW
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