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Re: Bracewell Observsatory - any AMSAT usage?

"A year-long effort of the Friends of the Bracewell Observatory Association
and the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers is coming to a critical point.
Standord University is about to demolish this important radio observatory
which we have been attempting to save for use by both amateurs and
professionals. Your participation in this survey may be the only thing left
in halting the demise of this historical site. Please visit the website if
you wish more background about what we are striving to do:"

I posted this appeal to the MoonNet EME list last week and glad that Kauto
has brought it to the satellite community's notice.  This has been a very
busy year for Bob Lash, founder of Freinds of Bracewell and the Soc. of
Amateur Radio Astronomers of which I am a board member.  The "Friends" were
able to scrounge up $20,000 deposit with Stanford to delay the demolishment
until they could find techincal and financial backing for bringing the
radiotelescopes back on-line.  They have gotten support from several
professors and the engineering dept of Stanford and interests by JPL/NASA
in funding a program to use the dishes.  The site has even been put in for
reveiw as a National Historic Site.  Yet the President of Stanford refuses
to be swayed.

There is a place for individuals to vote their opinion on whether the site
should be saved.  Public Opinion expressed by this vote may be the LAST
chance.  BTW the freinds of Bracewell will lose the $20,000 they posted if
it is demolished.  This was to cover demoshing cost increases for one year.
 The last link (shown below) is the website for the effort and where you
find the place to vote.

Please consider supporting this.  Applications for many amateur space
communications projects are possible.  I believe Amsat members and the
satellite ocmmunity at-large have much to benefit from saving this site.

Thanks, Ed - KL7UW

At 02:13 AM 3/5/2006 +0200, Kauto Huopio wrote:
>Interesting story here. Any usage for AMSAT purposes?
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