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Re: Pocket computer (IPAQ) easy for track SATS?

I just tried both on my old iPAQ and I sure prefer PocketSat+ over 
TrackSat. TrackSat is just slow to begin with. Then with PocketSat+ you 
can have a list of your favorite satellites and their AOS during hours 
you specify and with the paid version even sync it in your PDA's 
calendar automatically. That is such a convenience that it is already 
worth the $25.00 registration fee. Updating the keps is easy, just 
download them from http://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/amateur.txt 
and save that file as .tle.  I tried the software on a hill not too far 
from my QTH and the pass prediction was very good, both elevation and 
azimuth. Nice and easy to read almost minute by minute el/az table on 
the screen, something that even Satscape doesn't do on my desktop. And 
you can have a horizon map or a world map to follow the pass. This is 
also something nice to have when people are asking you about what you 
are doing and not just hearing what they would consider gibberish out of 
a "black magic"  box and a weird antenna.

It would have been nice if that table included Doppler shift data, but I 
have it already pre-programmed in memory slots so it is not critical.

When I first read this thread, I thought to myself why change from 
something that works for me such as my cheat sheet (printout from 
Satscape)? Lightweight, portable, in my back pocket. But not so easy to 
read, especially at night... Well a few hours of play with PocketSat+ 
changed my stance. Thanks for the information George.

*Amir Findling*, 73 de K9CHP, Syracuse NY, member ARRL, AMSAT

Coordinator, Senior K9 Handler Western New York SearchDogs, Inc 
www.wnysearchdogs.org <http://www.wnysearchdogs.org>

NYS Federation of SAR Teams www.nysfedsar.org <http://www.nysfedsar.org/>
1st Special Response Group www.1srg.org <http://www.1srg.org>

George Perkins - Ku3o wrote:
> Cor,
> Another piece of software available is the Pocket Sat +
> you can see it at this link...
> http://bigfattail.com/software/pocketsatplus/
> George - Ku3o
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