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What frequency will GolfBallSat be using?

Space.COM is reporting that, as part of a publicity campaign,
Russian Cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov will hit a golf ball
from ISS and send it into orbit (scheduled for "late July").

GolfBallSat ?!?!  Well, go read the article at


The interesting part (near the bottom) says "The ball is
equipped with transmitters that will enable golfers to
follow its flight around the world..."

One wonders several things when this is read:

- How did they fit batteries, transmitters, and antennas
for *multiple* transmitters INSIDE a golf ball? (the
article does say "transmitters" plural).

- What frequencies will it be transmitting on, and how
much power could it possibly be running?

Just wondering...

Douglas KA2UPW
"or did the news media get it wrong?"
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