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Fw: El/az rotator options

> Hello Chris,
> Followings are might be of your interest.
> 1. As for the AZ/EL Combi-Rotator manufacture,
> Creative Design Co. Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan is other
> option.  http://www.cd-corp.com
> 2. Regarding the tracking accuracy on the S-band or lower, I think
> normal tracking system using Yaesu, CD rotator with available application 
> is enough, however, on the C-band or K-band,
> you will need some modification in the system to obtain more
> accuracy for pointing your dish-antenna to the bird.
> At normal stabdard, you will have to allow 2-3degree torelance,
> but on C, K-band, you will be required to stay 1- 1.5 degree torelance, 
> max.
> It is still possible to obtain those accuracy using Yaesu, CD rotator but 
> you will have to add some extra circuit and some counter-weight to 
> compensate the back-lash of rotator it self.
> 73s,
> Toyo Komatsu
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