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Small ISM circuits interresting for small hamsats ?


We all know that on 433MHz there is also ISM low power device radio usage.
Today there are quiet a lot off integrated circuits for this band.

Some of them are quit interresting and very small and low power usage.
This is transmitter as receiver as also transceiver with data slicers etc 

For example check the ATMEL AT86RF211S device.

I just wonder if someone ever tried to use them for 70cm FSK packet radio 
With these devices you need only a small final PA and you have an ultra 
small packet satellite in the format of a credit card size and in receive 
mode they can last for weeks, maybe months on a small battery...

Propably they are not RF "clean" enough as most of them use crystal 
capacitor switching to get the FSK frequency shift. When I remember right 
the ham TNC's have Raised Cosine Filter to reduce inter-symbol 
interference... maybe that might be a problem ?

Just wondered if it might be interresting for future ham satellites...

William Leijenaar
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