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Automatic Doppler Tuning With SatPC32 and an Icom IC-970

Hi All:

I have been working with Erich Eichmann - DK1TB, the developer of 
SatPC32, for the past several days to determine if SatPC32 will work 
with my IC-970H and provide automatic Doppler tuning.  I am very pleased 
to announce that it works very well.

According SatPC32's documentation, the following Icom satellite radios 
are supported:  "IC-820H, IC-821H, IC-910H, and other Icom radios using 
the same protocol".

The features of the IC-970 are most similar to the IC-820 and the 
IC-821.  I used the operator's manuals to compare the CI-V command 
support for each radio.   The CI-V commands for the two radios are the 
same, EXCEPT for the "Main Band Access" and "Sub Band Access"commands. 
For some strange reason, these two CI-V commands are reversed in the 
IC-820, compared to the IC-821, IC-910, and the IC-970.  Therefore, as 
far as CI-V commands, the IC-821 is most similar to the IC-970.

My IC-970H CI-V is set at the default address of "2E", 9600 bd. and 
"transceive mode" is set to "on".

I tried changing the transceive mode to "off" and "on" once the program 
began working correctly.  It does not make any difference whether it is 
set to off" or "on" with my IC-970.

SatPC32 "Options" settings are: IC-821, address of "$2E" and 9600 bd.

The "SatSetup" program in SatPC32 must have the "CAT Delay" set 
correctly for your radio.    I tried several different settings, but 
"70" provides the best operation with my IC-970H.

My WinXP com port settings are the standard "8", "N", & "1", with no 

Since SatPC32  Vs. 12.3 accepts Com 1 thru Com 9, I had no problems in 
using a USB to com port adapter instead of a normal RS-232 com port.  I 
am using a "MicroHam" USB / CI-V interface with my IC-970H and it works 
very well.

SatPC32 is a complex program that takes a fair amount of time to set up 
and become comfortable with.  However, the time spent setting up the S/W 
and then learning how to use it is time WELL spent.  This is a great 
program that is VERY flexible and  is very well documented.

Erich tells me that he is working on a SatPC32 update which will make 
the setup even easier.


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