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Amsat-DL EME activity from Bochum 10 GHz

The Amsat-DL activity last weekend was severely hampered by the weather
and the work time table for the commissioning of the Bochum 20m dish.
( See bellow for more details )

Because of this we where unable to have a long EME activity on 10 GHz.
This activity was organized by Amsat-DL and DB6NT in close cooperation
with the IUZ-Bochum to enable radio amateurs to have some excellent EME
signals and have the opportunity to test their equipment and possibly
have some first hand experience with EME. EME activity is closely
related with Interplanetary communications and Amsat-DL is preparing for
an Interplanetary mission in 2007-2009

We recognize the importance of this and decided to repeat this activity
on 10 GHz next weekend  June 19 and 20. During this weekend we will
reduce the work on the Bochum dish and give priority to EME activity.
In order to prepare this EME activity ON6UG ( Freddy ) is collecting
skeds. Anyone interested in this can make a proposal and email to :

( remove the xxx )

Details :
call : DK0SB ( clubstation Sternwarte Bochum ) JO30OK
51 25' 37.17" N
  7 11' 33.28" E
antenna 20 m dish pol : Linear vertical and circular RHCP (TX)
power : 50 W ( 200W )
modes : CW SSB JT65
FREQ : 10368.100 MHz TX

The times that we can be active will be Saturday from 0600 utc until
2000 utc and Sunday from 0600 utc until 1400 utc.
Keep in mind that there is some other work to do during these times.

Short report on the activities last weekend:

We had some severe thunder storms and heavy rain in Bochum.
Saturday was the worst. Besides this we had a mechanical technical
problem and the noise measurements we had to do where difficult with the
water on the dome.
Our own EME signals where very good and we made some excellent
recordings in CW, SSB and even in FM ! Some QSO where made.  We thank
everybody for their patience.
In order to prepare for possible Venus reflection test we did
successfully detect Venus noise on Sunday afternoon.
However we are not sure if we can do the Venus reflection tests within
the short time available ( abt 2 weeks ) If not this work is not lost
and to be seen as preparation for 2006 EVE.

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