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Re: Survey

On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 07:26:31PM -0000, Robert McGwier wrote:
> Amen.  You can tell the BOD leaders spend no time in any kind of chat rooms
> else suffers the consequences.
> For those who do not seem to understand sampling theory,  let a
> professional,

  Sure. I was only trained to be a mathematician. And yes, its
statistically valid. etc. etc. etc. But, gosh. If we could have more
involvment of members why not use the internet? I'd be curious how
_skewed_ the results would be. Only people who were technically inclined
and were interested in computers and were inclined to be on the internet
and also had an interest in amateur radio satellites. I'd be curious to
see how the results would compare. Strictly out of interest.

> well over what is needed to smooth this.  The confidence intervals will
> high if the questions were formulated properly.  Since we cannot see the
> questions, we will have to trust the people who WE ELECTED TO THE BOARD,
> and those officers (some of them going on decades with the organization)
> until we have reason not to.

  Seems to me, its up to the members to tell their elected represenatives
how they want amsat to be run, or people walk with their feet. Considering
how dire the usable satellite situation is, I honestly don't think we
have any other choice but to support one organisation. It would look
really bad when trying to get launches and money, to have competing groups.

> >From the discourse I have seen here, I would have to say that it is my
> not so humble opinion that the nay sayers belong in one of my favorite
> categories:  three more neurons and they would be a high quality igneous
> rock.  My sixteen year old daughter who is getting her license and is the

  I am not sure who this last segment should be attributed to. That extra
'>' makes it uncertain. However.

  Thats what I love about amsat-bb! More ad-hominems I say! Keep them
rolling! Thats just the thing to enthuse people about any organisation
and make them want to donate time and money. Call them as bright
as igneous rock! Insult everyone! Come on people. I might disagree
with what you say on here but I try very hard not to insult people.
Can we try please? Please? (Well, I guess I flamed the guy who mentioned
the igneous rock. lets pretend I didn't. ok?)

  Look folks, maybe the BOD is screwing up badly. Maybe they are not.
Maybe we can suggest things that the BOD can do, to give every single
one of us nice warm little fuzzis in the tummy. Yelling, screaming
about it on a mailing list will just get your possibly valid ideas

- Diane
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