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Re: AMSAT Survey

At 06:10 AM 4/30/2004, Al copland wrote:
<some deleted>

>Granted that in the past, it was a much more expensive business to conduct 
>surveys but I find the
>apparent lack of the democratic process within AMSAT more than a little 
>Nowadays, surveys can be conducted on-line with relative ease and many, if 
>not most of us have,
>or have access to, the means to reply to such surveys.
>Statistical surveys will always be treated with suspicion by some, myself 
>included, so come on
>guys, why not arrange a detailed on-line survey for AMSAT members.

<some more deleted>

>Let's have a little real democracy please. Why not ask the members ( all 
>the members) what direction they want to see AMSAT organisation headed in 
>via an on-line (global) survey.

You have democracy ... it is called representative democracy. You vote and 
elect the BoD and they run the organization for you. If you do not like 
their style, then you vote them out or get yourself elected. You do polls 
if you feel that you have absolutely no clue as to what direction to take 
an organization.

Do you expect your MP to solicit a poll of his constituents before voting 
on each bill?

I respect the points you raise, but it is not a professional way to do 
things. When it becomes too ridiculous, the people who actually DO things 
in an organization will simply leave.

Dave   VE3GYQ/W8
Lima, OH

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