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AMSAT Survey

Hi,  I'm a fairly long time members of AMSAT-UK and have been watching the 
debate over the AMSAT NA survey of 400 members with some interest.  I'm one 
of those members who enjoy collecting the numbers and monitoring radio 
traffic rather than operating on the birds. Because I strongly  believe in 
the concept of free access amateur radio satellites I have done, and 
continue to, try to help fund these projects.

Re Surveys
When the first FM satellites were launched, I don't remember anyone at 
AMSAT-UK (or anywhere
else) involving me in the decision-making process to decide whether my 
membership money should go to such a project.  I'm strongly opposed to the 
building of so called 'FM EZ-Sats', yet my membership cash is currently 
helping to fund another one, just like it did the last ones.   It was 
allocated by AMSAT UK and I had no say in the matter, simply because I 
couldn't attend their AGM.

When the construction of AMSAT Oscar40 was decided upon, I was not asked for 
my opinions either although I helped in my own small way to fund it.  In 
fact, only once in about quarter of a century do I remember anyone at AMSAT 
asking for my opinion.  That was when Richard Limebear G3RWL arranged a 
survey in the UK Oscar News Journal many years ago.

Granted that in the past, it was a much more expensive business to conduct 
surveys but I find the
apparent lack of the democratic process within AMSAT more than a little 
Nowadays, surveys can be conducted on-line with relative ease and many, if 
not most of us have,
or have access to, the means to reply to such surveys.
Statistical surveys will always be treated with suspicion by some, myself 
included, so come on
guys, why not arrange a detailed on-line survey for AMSAT members.

Although I'm still a member of AMSAT, I'm no longer a member of AMSAT UK.  
I've taken matters
into my own hands and my membership cash is now targeted directly at a 
project I personally support. I'm not the first member to vote with my feet 
and I know of several other A-UK members who have gone down the same route.  
IMHO Could this perceived lack of regard by management for what the  members 
actually want their membership cash spent on help account for the drain of 
members from AMSAT?  I'm greatly saddened that nobody seems to value my 

Re statistical analysis, I used to be employed by Coats (the thread maker) 
and part of my work
there was to develop computer software tools for statistical analysis.  I 
have little interest in statistics these days but I have been there and done 

Let's have a little real democracy please. Why not ask the members ( all the 
members) what direction they want to see AMSAT organisation headed in via an 
on-line (global) survey.

Yes, even an on-line survey will cost money, but surely such a survey of the 
ordinary AMSAT membership is long overdue.  Will that cost too much?  Will 
it really?

Allan Copland

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