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Re: General comments. - Meisse Reply -

On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 11:16:05AM -0700, Ken Ernandes wrote:
> I think Gunther makes some excellent points, not the least of which is that
> For those who don't believe in the accuracy of statistical sampling, I would
> ask how willing would you be to redirect funds from satellite building

  There is no question a statistical sampling is scientifically valid to
do it.

> projects toward the administrative cost of printing up 5000 surveys and then
> tallying the results afterward?  Or better yet, are you willing to donate
> the money and/or roll up your own sleeves to make sure every member's
> opinion is heard in the survey?  Those who would give tired excuses -- such
> as they only would do so if AMSAT served their needs -- do not need to
> respond...

  Well, how about Luc donating some time to doing another poll on his
own time? Perhaps via email. I see no harm in it. It would not be as
scientifically valid perhaps, but interesting nonetheless. How about it Luc?

- Diane VA3DB
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