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RE: General comments. - Meisse Reply -

I think Gunther makes some excellent points, not the least of which is that
it's easy for many of us to forget the dedication and effort of volunteer
members who make things happen in AMSAT.

For those who don't believe in the accuracy of statistical sampling, I would
ask how willing would you be to redirect funds from satellite building
projects toward the administrative cost of printing up 5000 surveys and then
tallying the results afterward?  Or better yet, are you willing to donate
the money and/or roll up your own sleeves to make sure every member's
opinion is heard in the survey?  Those who would give tired excuses -- such
as they only would do so if AMSAT served their needs -- do not need to

There are two effective ways to "vote" in AMSAT: (1) By rolling up your
sleeves and accomplishing something useful, and (2) By voting with your
wallet (yes "targeted" donations are accepted).  I'm not sure what those who
advocate "voting with their feet" hope to accomplish as I would be surprised
to see it result in any new satellites.  I suspect many such comments come
from those unwilling to do anything that will accomplish anything
constructive, but rather choose to criticize the efforts of the "doers" when
it doesn't serve their personal preferences.

My opinion) -- put your money (and effort) where your mouth is...

Ken Ernandes, N2WWD

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I am concerned with your statements about AMSAT's future and your comments
about me personally. A number of us ran for the BoD with the hope of
breathing new life into AMSAT. Bringing in some new ideas, policies and
viewpoints that would help us move the organization forward to provide more
and better member services. I am saddened that you feel that some of us are
not working in that direction.
I can only tell you that your perception of my efforts is incorrect. I have
been an AMSAT enthusiast for a very long time (LM #594) and want nothing but
a bright future for our fine organization. I choose to respond to -bb
criticism of my efforts, but there is limit to the verbal abuse I can be
expected to take.. This is a work of love, and my compensation is the same
as yours, so please join in on positive efforts to make AMSAT an
organization we all can be proud of..
We are being faced with very big issues and need all the member support we
can get. I would sure hope we could count on you in this regard...
Have faith, every member of the BoD that I have worked with is dedicated to
the prosperity of our fine organization and works untold hours to that
Gunther Meisse

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