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General comments.

The following comments are merely my own personal opinion.

The current debate about semi-secret surveys of the B.O.D. (and the crass 
answer supplied by one particular board member) is rather like a 
pre-perestroika Soviet Union.....(Read: KGB method).

Perhaps this closed survey will promote many more members to vote with their 
feet (walk away).

I wonder if those particular members are aware that they have the power to 
ensure that the members of the B.O.D. can be fired.....(en masse).

I also wonder if the B.O.D. considered the possible results of their 
policy.....or just went ahead with the....."we know better than you what you 

I wonder how many members need to be lost before the final nail goes into 
the coffin and they realise something is amiss.

Amsat is well on the way to becoming an closed "experts only" fraternity.


73 <la2qaa@amsat.org>

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