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RE: AMSAT survey's (digest form)

Do us all a favor.  Give us some hard mathematically formulated numbers to
support your claims that a "directed" survey is NOT the way to go.  I'm
getting real tired of reading these messages that state non-truths about how
using a population sample is hog wash and meaningless when, in fact a random
sample of the population (even when the selected sample is less than the
majority) is the best way to go when the BOD wants to take the pulse of the

Now, I'm sure that the BOD will be more than happy to post the results of
the survey along with the questions asked once all the analysis has been
done.  If you didn't get a copy of the survey then you don't need to know
what is ON the survey which further reduces the ability of you to influence
others that are taking the survey.

I'll have numbers posted later today showing the minimum sample needed for
various group numbers and the way they were calculated for your enjoyment.


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Just to summarized my questionning about this AMSAT survey.

1-In first place AMSAT announce they want to survey the membership
2-In the AMSAT journal they publish the objectives, what they want to know,
learn, confirm, about the    
memberships needs (and ask and listen for comments)
3-Publish the questionnaire, paper, electronic filing...
4-Control the critical mass of surveys eg: try to obtain the greathest
number. Professional marketing firms   
 put 1$ (or anything else) in their survey in a way to increased their
return, no need for AMSAT to do so but 
 it takes a bit of time to make sure we obtain the critical mass.

4 simple steps to do what.

Avoid any perceptions about a DIRECTED survey

A directed survey is usefull when some very sharp topics are to be evaluated

In auto insurance an insurer wants to control their young drivers loss
ratio. They will sample all their 16-19 insureds and they will in this
survey ask for very sharp questions as: Drinking habits, drugs uses, and 
so on. This kind of survey is directed as they want to know precise points
in their sampling. The questions 
in the survey are made not to get an open numbers of opinions but a precise
number of answers on specific 

AMSAT survey as it has been presented by the AMSAT President SEEMS i said
SEEMS and i repeat it again in 
lower case seems to be a directed one.  When in the same time it SEEMS that
the end results will GUIDE AMSAT 
BOD in their decisions and as i quote "This survey should define our
membership requirements".

AGAIN i have nothing against AMSAT doing a survey, what i want to know its
the following 2 simple points

1-I want to know the survey questions
2-Whats the BOD wants to learn that they are not actually know fron this

Now why i want to know that?

Because i'm an AMSAT MEMBER 33583 and as one other members said i want to be
part of an organisation where 
ALL the decisions are not taken behind closed door by a small group of 8

I'm a new AMSAT member (2 years) and i have (AND MANY OF US ) a distinctive
impression that AMSAT BOD 
decisions making are not always taken in the best interest of the
memberships. I want an OPEN AMSAT not a 
close one.

BOD members AMSAT is not your own personnal business NOR your property AMSAT
belongs to their MEMBERS. WE 
elected you to serve US we elected you to make AMSAT an organisation open to
new ideas coming from the 
members. WE want to be proud of AMSAT and we want to know whats you are
doing for us.

AMSAT BOD members you got your close call, we ask for questions and you DENY
US the right to know its a 
shame. Not even the president want to step forward answering my questions
prefering to let some service 
janitors defend ( BADBLY) their position.

AMSAT BOD WAKE UP....THAT'S THE CLOSE CALL Memberships are asking questions
not to criticised BUT FOR GOD 
SAKE TO KNOW whats you are doing for us!

For those who are asking if i have a personnal agenda towards AMSAT YES I
HAVE ONE I want a strong  
INTERNATIONAL AMSAT open on the world and be ready to be a part of a
worldwide group of amateur satellites 
ham radio folks. 

P.S. For those who are questionning my statistics knowledge I use to be a
senior commercial and industrial 
underwriter (25 years) for the biggest US and Canadian insurance firms, to
named one Fireman's Funds (no 
advertisement intent here) . Always complainig about actuary in saying they
where too statistacly incline and 
not connected to the real competitive insurance market world. In my day to
day work i use to cut their rates 
with a long rating work sheet. In a way trying to proove with concrete and
tangible results they where 

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le QuÈbec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
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