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RE: AMSAT survey's (digest form) - Meisse Response-

This debate has gone far enough...
Here is how it is, and how it is going to stay!

* The survey was commissioned for the benefit of the Board of Directors in
their planning process. It is not an open project, or a popularity contest.
* The survey is being done within excepted survey standards which will not
be changed.
* The sample size is well within excepted standards and will not be changed.
* The questions were developed by, and for the information of, the AMSAT
Board of Directors, and are not subject to review by you, and will not be
* The return rate is presently in excess of 40% within the first 20 days of
* The questions will not be published at this time.
* The results will not be published at this time.
* The information is being analyzed using excepted standards and will not be
* The names of those surveyed will be kept confidential.
* Once the process is totally complete, the Board of AMSAT will decide what
will be made public, and when.

Please, Luc, move on too another subject... There will be no further
response to your questions at this time, on this forum, from me..

Gunther Meisse

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On 28 Apr 2004 at 11:42, Christensen, Eric wrote:

which further reduces the ability of you to influence
> others that are taking the survey.

The only one way to see if its a directed survey its to check the questions.
In hiding the survey questions 
AMSAT only increased our doubts as you do.  this survey COULD BE BIASED
intended only to get specific 
answers. statistic are irrelevant if question are directed and closed as
this one:

I want to know how much gay we have in a group (example)

a-Do you like women yes or no
b-Do you like man yes or no

Send his question to all group members and based the decisions on the
results with an 100% return. 50% vote 
yes for a and 50% vote yes for B you calculate that 50% are gay and youre
right BUT can we someone interpret 
this survey another way i think YES.

The question ask is directive letting place for interpretation. Thats why
i'm asking for the questions.

Is AMSAT is so afraid about how much his survey can be influenced by one
individual, It's  surely A DIRECTED 
ONE and it is fine in the present AMSAT CULTURE of silence and hiding.

With so much energy put in defending this survey? There is up till now only
conclusion to be draw,  it is a 
directed survey why not admitting it? This will close all the survey

Nobody will be hang for that!

If your feers are so greath to a point he cannot survive questionning YOU
saying AMSAT is working in a vacum in hiding conseiling informations to the

If you think i want to influence the survey results it's because you are
afraid of the truth. AND AMSAT 
follows my 4 points steps, they will get a lot more info's than expected.

To do the maths we should know the survey questions, as to be able to solve
a problem we should know the 
questions!!!!  come on be realistic and not partial at least on this one

You are again add doubts in this survey ans on his final goal. It is not
searching for the real answers but 
to comfort the AMSAT establishment in their views.

Give me the questions i will tell you if it is DIRECTED eRIC

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
Sites web sites: www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

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