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Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would pass a method of sampling I use in my work.
I work as a forestry consultant and currently I am supervising the
reforesting of areas that were logged two years ago. 

I am only sending this to show a system of sampling that we use to
determine quality of planting along with vigour, color, and general
health of seedlings immediately after the trees have been planted. And I
am not saying that an Amsat Survey should follow the same method.

I am going to use an example of a cut block of 20 ha. (or 20 / 2.471 =
8.09 acres).

We are currently planting 1200 trees per ha. Or 24000 trees on the 20
ha. opening.

To determine quality, vigour etc we examine 1 plot (3.99m circle) per
If planting was perfect (perfect spacing)  we would have and examine 6
trees in each plot or a total of 120 trees of the total number of trees
planted (24000). This is a very small sample of the total trees planted
but statistically accepted to determine the overall success of the
planting of the opening.

I am not sending this to try and indicate that the survey Amsat is good,
bad, or indifferent, just to serve as an example of system of sampling
that is statistically proven to be accurate even though the rate of
sampling is very low.

So my point is I guess, if I have one, is lets see what the results of
the survey come up with and then if we disagree we can begin launching
verbal torpedoes at the BOD of Amsat or for that matter anyone who will

I thought I would pass another method and results of a poll I recently
conducted. In the interest of science I polled two of my five girls to
see if they thought GOD ( Good Old Dad) was a good guy and came away
smiling ....I left out the other three cause I gave my grandchildren
(their kids)  too much candy on Easter and they might be still mad at
me. A bit biased you say .......maybe...... but I will take the results!

Oh and if anyone wants to flame me for this .......fly at it I am
wearing my Nomex (fire retardant) coveralls used for forest fire

Best of 73 de VE7WFG

Armstrong BC
Amsat 29777 
Amsat Area Coordinator

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