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Re: Survey

On Tuesday 27 April 2004 16:59, CHUCK KINKEY wrote:
> Greg, I couldn't agree with you more. A survey of 400 does not represent
> the entire membership as I see it.
> Chuck KD6V
> Amsat 33815
> kd6v@earthlink.net
> Why Wait?  Move to EarthLink.

Hi Chuck,
    I guess that you and Greg should get together and send in  $7200 to Amsat 
to pay the stipend for 3600 more surveys to be sent out, and then you will 
still not get the entire membership because even when paid only 15% saw fit 
to send the survey back in... the other 85% pocketed the money and did 

  people bitch when they think Amsat does nothing, and now Amsat is trying to 
do something and everyone bitches...

You guys think the election polls survey every single voter? hardly, and most 
of the time they come pretty close...

I would suggest we let them do the survey and wait for the results, If its a 
landslide one way or the other we can probably take it for face value... if 
something comes out in a dead heat then maybe more surveys would be 

Kevin WA6FWF
Amsat #19623

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