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Re: FRS in Europe?

Anders, it could be me of course but when I was in England I had a pair of
Motorola Talkabouts and a pair of NTL PMR's as well and I found them very
disappointing. We used them mainly for some serious off road activity where
we often needed to call for recovery assistance. It was more effective to
just shout - LOL! In the end, most people went to ahemmm......"CB"!

73 de KG4ZLB - David

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> In a message of Wed, 28 Apr 2004 11:02:12 EDT, davidworboys@earthlink.net
> >aqnd from personal experience, they are rubbish unless you are sitting
> >to the eprson you are talking to :)
> You're not confusing this with the 10mW LPD stuff? I've managed 1 km range
> in a quite hilly forest area with the cheap telcom model. Of course, it's
> nothing like 5W on 2 meters, but still...
> 73 de Anders
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