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Re: Re[2]: ISS Problems?

I seem to recall that when the Progess hit the Spektr module, it hit 
off center of gravity (obviously) and left Mir with a pretty large 
resultant rotation.  When the panels went dark the power went out, and 
when they came back into sunlight the power came up again and I think 
maybe the computers were rebooting.  Somehow in the middle of all that 
they managed to fire thrusters or apply torque some other way and kill 
the rotation, and I think it took several rotations before they finally 
got it nulled out to where they weren't losing power every couple of 
minutes or so.  That's the only time I know of that they had a really 
bad spin .. of course there are probably plenty I don't know of .. ;-)

You can get torque reaction with two wheels at right angles to each 
other.  The torque for a given rotation rate isn't equal for all 
combinations of roll, pitch, and yaw, but there will be torque reaction 
nonetheless.  You get more uniform torques with three wheels at right 
angles, but at the expense of half again as many motors, bearings, 
wheels, etc. in the gimbal, which also has to be bigger ..

On Saturday, Apr 24, 2004, at 12:05 US/Central, Snofroe wrote:

> Mir used a simular system, whenever had had guidance computer problems
> later in life all that happend was that they where spinning but never
> in any real safety problem.
> all the spinning did was make the solar pannels inefficient.
> seeing that ISS has a larger panel array even that is nothing to
> worry about.
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