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Re: FRS in Europe?

In a message of Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:00:32 EDT, "Robert Bruninga" writes:
>I'm curious if Europe has something similar to our
>"family Radio service".  We have 14 channels
>(7 in the 462 MHz and 7 exactly 5 MHz higher).
>They are ½ watt FM 2.5 KHz deviation radios .

Yes, we have PMR (private/personal mobile radio),
8 channels starting at 446.0625 with 12.5 kHz
spacing. 1/2 W (max) 2.5 kHz deviation IIRC, and
no external antennas (i.e. you may not replace the
one on the radio, though it may stick out of the

No license required for most of Europe.

73 de Anders, SM6XMM

 -- Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Anders Hammarquist                                  | iko@cd.chalmers.se
Physics student, Chalmers University of Technology, | Hem: +46 31 88 48 50
G|teborg, Sweden.           RADIO: SM6XMM and N2JGL | Mob: +46 707 27 86 87
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