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Re: now we are people with a ax to grind.

>>> "Greg Wycoff" <GREGWYCOFF@havilandtelco.com> 4/27/04 10:13:18 PM
>Bob why is it that you go on the offensive when anyone 
>challenges the way amsat does thing, do you have 
>something here to gain if the majority is not heard from, 

No,  but 
1) Im tired of hearing from the same whining minority who 
    seem to be confused as to how poling and surveys work.

2) As has been posted here over and over again, the 
    survey technique is sound and valid to yield a good
    sense of what the silent majority wants, not the vociferous

3) Not unless people have been exposed to the theory
    of statistics, it appears they will never understand.

4) Some people still believe the world is flat.  An no
    amount of scientific evidence will ever satisfy them. 

>why is it that when ever someone differs with you 
>or amsat they become boat rockers, or someone 
>with a ax to grind?

Its that in the sphere of human interraction the philosophy, 
that works best for the common good is for people with
interest, to  contribute, do something positive, volunteer, help 
out if they dont like what other are doing.  But bitching and 
complaining about what other volunteers are doing actually
accomplishes absolutely nothing in the sphere of human 
experience.  Either lead, be positive, help, or get out 
of the way...

>But dont ask me to support a program where what the majority 
>wants is not known or to sit back and be silent about it.

The AMSAT survey is being done in accordance with the
sound principles of statistical analysis that will give us within
a few percentage points exactly what the MAJORITY feels.
Listening to the few complainers and whiners that are confused
at what is the best method to actually get this majority opinion
is wearing us all down...

>so grab on to the idea that statistical sampling of 
>such a small number is not a majority.

Sorry, its just not sound that way.  I'd suggest that maybe 
those that feel that way might find it revealing to go to
the library and do some reading on polling techniques
and what are the best methods for assessing the 
opinions of large numbers.  Hopefully that would cause
them to realize the  error inherrent in that sentence above.


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