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Re: now we are people with a ax to grind.

>so grab on to the idea that statistical sampling of such 
>a small number is not a majority.

Sorry, "grabbing onto" that idea would be giving up 
some of the most basic principles of analysis and
succumbing to common missunderstandings... for example,
the kind of missunderstanding that our mass media seems 
to be able to exploit in rousting public opinion.

I hope that doesnt sount haughty.  It was not intended
that way.  But simply statistical analysis is a solid science
and well founded on proven principles.  Notwithistanding
the missunderstandings of a few, it still gives the best
overall results of a survey of a large group.

The only result  that would satisfy some would
be to lock all 5000 in a room and not let anyone out
until all 5000 gave a written opinion.  Yes, that would
give the best represention.

But surely I hope that the approach of letting everyone
YELL their opinion and then recording only those that
yell the loudest is exactly the wrong way to find the 
consensus of the majority...

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