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UO-11 telemetry format?

I've looked in numerous places, particularly at 'www.amsat.org', 
'ftp.amsat.org' and Clive's OSCAR-11 site; and done a number of web 
searches, alas to no avail.  I can find the format for UOSAT-3
telemetry but not for UO-11 (UOSAT-2).  The only thing i've ever
found are binary executables.  I also searched the AMSAT-BB messages,
but no useful links or other information there either.

I'm running LINUX on a Macintosh, so even a LINUX binary is unlikely
to be of much use to me (wrong processor).  I've processed alot of
AO-40 telemetry and given similar information on the UO-11 telemetry
(such as has been provided for UOSAT-3 and AO-40), i should be able 
to examine this body of data as well.

Where does one find the UO-11 telemetry format so one can make use of
the sizable UO-11 telemetry archive?

			         -- KD6PAG

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