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Membership survey Bob's/als coments

On 26 Apr 2004 at 9:02, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> Luc Leblanc is the AMSAT coordinator for all of Quebec. 
> I know that these are volunteer posts and we need
> volunteers...  But shouldnt AMSAT have some minimum
> qualifications for the job

That's exactly what i asked myself when i apllied for coordinator "Did i have minimal qualification for the 
job" What i'm questionning it's exactly that...you make my point we are all volunteers!  is this refrain us 
to ask question? and or commenting?

> business sense and at least an understanding of
> basic surveys and statistics?

I copy paste here:

" i was adressing my comments towards a message contents. I will wait if we can have 
some answers back and i will be glad to answer you back after. As i wrote "I'M WRONG could be! Quote him out 
of context could be!" i will let first time to get clarifications from the message originator. The originator 

BTW i quote part of your message on january 27 2004 when you answer back Cliff 

"In my many years of HAM radio, I have never seen any benefit EVER of
criticizing and condensending what other people choose to enjoy in this
hobby. HAM radio is broad.  What you do with it is up to you.  But
criticizing how others choose to enjoy it accomplishes nothing other than
exposing your own intolerance of others.

There were 18 operating LEO's just 4 years ago.  The number is smaller
now, but I think they have a lot to offer.

ISS, Space Shuttle, AO7, FO29, AO27, NO44, NO45, SO50 and soon ECHO!

And I enjoy them..."

Bob some like commenting on issues!  Are you a double standard guy? On what basis you base your judgement 
when you wrote  "But criticizing how others choose to enjoy it accomplishes nothing other than
exposing your own intolerance of others."? Did you speak about you...?  I understand now your concerns about 
qualifications and your minding when you said on july 11 2003 " If some AMSAT people think this technique is 
elitest, then I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy...". There is a trend here...

Culturally speaking if i'm evolving in a chain of command minded sturcture where i was trained to obey orders 
without any discussions,  i will understand AMSAT can be legitimate to set up standards to refrain peoples 
who pays no respect for others opinions and demonstrate a low level of politness and some irrationnal 
conduct.when out the fish bowl... Evidently i speak for myself here. To do it the other way mean that i 
should get some professional conselling to minimized any irrationnal behavior and conduct..

> common sense and at least an understanding of basic self conduct and politness? that's what you probably 
want to wrote in the first place?  

Bob i like commenting on issues like it or not1

See my next post regarding the originator message.  I'm asking some questions let see what the answers will 
be.. and please let those concern give their own answers about this survey. Hope we can have SURVEYS 
questions published or posted soon in a way to have your and the  EXPERTS  inputs about understanding of
> basic surveys and statistics? You seems to know a lot about the subject, i will surely have questions for 
you.  Just in case you didnt fully understand my first post about the survey. I only want to know THE METHOD 
AND THE SURVEY QUESTIONS  It's not too much asking,  dont you think? 

I will not answers back each other post about DIRECTED SURVEY this post context is an one size fits all type.
or a if hat fit take it.

>Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
Sites web sites: www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

Echolink node 115340 VE2DWE-L
Echolink node 101810 VE2DWE

P.O. Box 341
Sorel-Tracy  QC.
J3P 5T6

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