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RE: Membership DIRECTED survey

Gee, unless I'm badly mistaken, after the splash-down of P3A, King Hussein
of Jordan made a considerable donation to AMSAT for future satellite
development.  As far as I know, he was not a satellite operator or member.
Point is, money and people are what makes our organization happen; thus,
money to an organization is kinda like oxygen to the human body, you cannot
have one without the other.

Now, I've seen fights here on the AMSAT-BB (arguments are kinda like
debates, each side gets an equal share of time) and it is getting quite
juvenile.  I have discovered two things in my measly 35 years here in this
world and they seem to work for me.  (1) *you* control how *you* react to a
situation and (2) you *cannot* control how someone else responds to the same
situation.  I am seeing complaints about what the BOD is deciding and then,
when they try to get the *membership* to respond, I see complaints about how
they do it.  I suggest all these armchair quarterbacks (use your favorite
analogy) put up or shut up!  Make a *constructive* statement rather than an
accusing one.  Suggest how you might do something, don't tell someone else
they're doing it wrong!

BTW, I'm *not* active on the satellites at this time (I moved the latter
half of last year and don't have coax run into my shack - although I do have
my antennas in the air), but I *am* a dues-paying member and I *did* receive
a survey and sent it back.  Hope you don't mind, but I didn't see on the
survey where I needed anyone's approval!


Joel B. Black


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