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Membership DIRECTED survey

I was also busy... and i just take few minutes to pointed out some comments of Mr Meisse message. I take out 
8 points that i comment and questionned below.

On 23 Apr 2004 at 12:28, Gunther Meisse wrote:

1- One must select randomly from the universe that is being studied... If you leave it to volunteer
respondents, the results are severely skewed and the process is statically
 of no value.
2- We selected 400 names from our paid membership roles.
3- 250 respondents is critical mass, 

4-because we are surveying a focused group, not an open universe, which would include persons totally
 disinterested in the subject matter... 

5- Regarding the issue that some members are not operating satellite users:
 This is a distinct possibility but their views are as valid as anyone else's
 since they represent some portion of our dues paying members... 

6-Dues paying members are all that count... It is that money that allows us to do what we
do... Operating the birds means nothing... 

7-Membership support is what pays the bills....
8- In closing, I will tell you that, when competed, we will have a wonderful
 planning tool for your Board of Directors. Results that may well dispel old
 myths, and give us the necessary information to make AMSAT-NA more focused
 on the needs and wishes of the membership....

 1- How and who is selecting randomly? Pick an choose! draw! Computer randomly generating membership number 
or picked from a fish bowl ?

2-Again "we selected" on what criterias?  how a selection can cope with "random selection"?
   Should we understand this survey as oriented towards A PECULIAR membership type?

3-250 members that WE SELECTED FROM A FOCUSED GROUP! whats the board wants to tell the OTHERS or wants to 
hear to comfort them? considering that "OPERATING THE BIRDS MEANS NOTHING"... I know that dues paying members 
are all that counts and it seems it is ONLY THAT WHO COUNTS... bring the money in and shut your XYZ mouth.  
US THE BOARD we  know whats its the common wealth for you all. After all operating the birds means nothing 
all we need its your money and we will select in our survey a focused number of supporting members who are 
never operating on any sats. There is now two new members class THE OPERATING ONES AND THE PAYING ONES!

4-Surveying a focused group of persons totally disinterested in the subject matter... i understand satellite  
   operators THE NEW AMSAT-NA SECOND CLASS MEMBERS!!!! The bad ones... who unfortunatly are operating 
satellites and probably expressing their feelings about how things are manadge in a way to improve their 
satellites uses and operation?

If it is the definition of "randomly selected" it is a restrictive as the universe that is being studied... 
The choosen universe! As i already wrote  "A safe way to heaven for the choosen goes by accepting 50% of our 
mistakes first and by admitting the other 50% after. This survey seems to be a variation on a same subject, a 
way around problems and truth . A national investigating board where recommendations will be put on the 
shelves. That's looks good...

5- If the board wants to know the non active and non operating sat users opinions on what  AMSAT-NA should  
do about satellite uses and operation? I think they should made TWO distinct focused group one for THE 

6 and 7- Dues paying members are all that count..-Membership support is what pays the bills.... FORGET THE 
REST if whats i read and  whats i understand is correct i know a good bunch of LIFE MENBERS AND REGULAR 

8-In closing, I will tell you that, when competed, we will have a wonderful
 planning tool for your Board of Directors. Results that may well dispel old

Mr. Meisse please enlighten us with the truth YOUR TRUTH?  Explain us whats you mean about OLD MYTHS which 
ones? are they convey by OLD MEMBERS...? former OLD BOD MEMBERS? or the ones dispel by the ones who their 
satellite operating means nothing AS AMSAT-NA seems to qualified them now?

You make this survey to chase OLD MYTHS... Better to call Ghost Busters!  since AMSAT-NA begining
the membership wants to have satellites in first place. Why  for god sake the board wants to survey the 
membership? what they want to know? MEMBERSHIPS WANTS SATELLITES period. Puts all your money and ressources 
towards this goal. Whats you should survey its your manadgment. How it is run. You are going backwards or you 
are playing the ostrich game in diverting attention with your survey.
I adrressed this message to the AMSAT-NA BOD is it the way we should understand the greatly needed changes in 
AMSAT-NA way to do business for the next years?  I mean doing things from results based on a crappy and 
obviously  misleading  and apparently non democratic survey?

The way this survey is conducted is in the exact AMSAT-NA culture.  BOD members does not read messages on 
AMSAT-BB   and they fabricated faked survey to comfort their inactions relying on comments of non sat users. 
They don't listen their members, they don't wants to be questionned about what they do.

I'M WRONG could be! Quote him out of context could be! Let Mr Meisse clarify himself. We will see if BOD is 
sharing his comments after.

I quote Robin Haighton VE3FRH President AMSAT-NA in his  president's april letter:

"The AMSAT Strategic Planning committee is working to develop a more  
effective means of operating the organization, and to provide improved  communications 
between the Board of Directors, the Officers and the  Members.
A new "Team approach" is being developed"

"WE TRY HARD BUT IT NOT MATTER WE FAILED" Is it the conclusion we should draw from this "new team approach"?
I hope not!  better to clear that in first place. BTW it will be interresting to see all the questions on 
this survey? could be we can see HOW DIRECTED THE QUESTIONS ARE!

It looks like an old black and white film where a banana republic dictator has been elected by 99% of all 
voters. He was the only one candidate and called his election free and democratic...The remaining 1% seems 
the ones Mr. Meisse does not want to hear...i wrote Mr. Meisse here on purpose should i wrote something else 
Mr. Haighton? I'm remember now it was a Charlie Chaplin film.or back to future? anyway it not matter here.

Mr Meisse its time for you to explain yourself and please read back the letter you wrote and send us all in 
the pre AMSAT BOD election campaign period . Correct me if i'm not interpreting you correctly? If it is a bad 
choice of words please correct them now.

You can filled up a suitcase but i don't have any handle in my back... Confucious saying.

P.S. Since the demise of AO-40 i'm no more an active sat operator. I want to applied to the new AMSAT first 
class of members. Aside of money there is any others requirements to fulfill? I can sworn also that i will 
keep my mouth shut ;) 

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
Sorel-Tracy VE2CBS ARC President
Sites web sites: www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

Echolink node 115340 VE2DWE-L
Echolink node 101810 VE2DWE

P.O. Box 341
Sorel-Tracy  QC.
J3P 5T6

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