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The bird's still flying.  Being down a gyro means a
tradeoff between power budget (solar exposure) and fuel
budget for stabilization, as was explained by knowledgeable
folks earlier. 

NASA is one of our benefactors.  NASA-bashing, in any form,
including NASA-vendor bashing, is counter-productive 
to our ability to launch future satellites and programs.  

No reason not to ask questions and discover facts. 
Opinions and innuendo, on the other hand, do not 
inform, educate, or add value.  

This is an open forum, which one must assume is seen, from
time to time, by our partners in Government, Industry and Education.  
(See AMSAT's mission statement)

Sorry for the sermon, but it's Sunday morning, and I've
only had one cup of coffee.  Have a good weekend!


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