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Membership Profile questions - Meisse -

Ladies  & Gentlemen,
There have been a number of postings regarding the Membership Profile
questionnaire, recently mailed to the first wave of AMSAT-NA members. Sorry
for the delay in responding, I have been at NAB LV spending my company's
money on new High Definition stuff for our business. It would have been a
lot easier if I had won a bunch at the slots!!

Now, regarding the Membership Profile: 
 Point #1: A survey can never be done with volunteer respondents, thus, we
could not put such a thing on the Web site or -bb. One must select randomly
from the universe that is being studied... If you leave it to volunteer
respondents, the results are severely skewed and the process is statically
of no value.

We selected 400 names from our paid membership roles. If that does not yield
a sufficient number of In-Tab questionnaires, then we will extract
additional random members... We continue this process until we have achieved
at least 250 In-Tab respondents. 

250 respondents is critical mass, in keeping with the statistical principal
"Rule of Large Numbers", which requires 250+ respondents to create
reliability to a sample which reports results on a percentage basis, which
is what we are doing.

A number of people indicated that a 5% return would be par-for-the-course...
We received 15% the first week following the mailing... The reason is
probably because we included a stipend, and because we are surveying a
focused group, not an open universe, which would include persons totally
disinterested in the subject matter... We will continue, on a monthly basis,
until we achieve our 250 In-Tab goal...

Regarding the issue that some members are not operating satellite users:
This is a distinct possibility but their views are as valid as anyone else's
since they represent some portion of our dues paying members... Dues paying
members are all that count... It is that money that allows us to do what we
do... Operating the birds means nothing... Send me a million dollars and I
will make you AMSAT number "0000".... Membership support is what pays the

In closing, I will tell you that, when competed, we will have a wonderful
planning tool for your Board of Directors. Results that may well dispel old
myths, and give us the necessary information to make AMSAT-NA more focused
on the needs and wishes of the membership....

If you have been selected, please complete your questionnaire and get it the

Gunther Meisse
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