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was SO-50/TS2K, now SO-41

> SO41 and SO50 weren't up yet when the TS2000 came out,
> and AO27 was far behind UO14 at that time.

Speaking of SO-41, I wonder if it will ever be turned back on for general
amateur use?. It's listed as operational in the WSR and amsat webpage, but
that is _very_ misleading to the casual or new user. I have not heard it in
almost a year I think. I've talked to new guys at hamfests that have been
trying to hear it. They usually get pretty disgusted when they find out the
sat hasn't been on in months.

I notice there are 3 (I think) new saudi microsats on the same launch as
Echo. One can only hope that their launch may result in SO-41 (and maybe
42?) being returned to general amateur service.

73, Drew KO4MA

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