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RE: working AO-7 and FO-29 with a FT-817

Well this is interesting.  I had forgotten that Icom was a different animal
about this.  It just so happens that another club member has another IC-706
so I may be able to lash these together and get things working - probably
manually at that point.  That's OK, I'm used to keeping the TX frequency put
during a QSO and keeping my hand turning the RX frequency during LEO passes.
I'll see ... We have another member that is a good sat op - we may press his
FT-847 into service.

Thanks for the info, Tony.

73, Jamie

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At 12:59 PM 4/22/2004 -0500, James C. Hall, M.D. wrote:

>Hi there:
>Good thread. I'll be looking into this myself with a Field Day setup with a
>IC-706Mk2G. I would think that half the battle here would be finding your
>own signal when half duplex.
>73, Jamie

Hi Jamie,

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out
that software control to use a single "half-duplex"
(i.e. non-satellite) radio only works with Kenwood and
Yaesu radios.

The ICOM CI-V computer interface doesn't have any commands
to control or operate in split mode. You can use an IC-706
under software control for EITHER receiving or transmitting
but you will also need another radio (which could be another
IC-706) for the other half of the link.

Tony AA2TX

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