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Re: Icom 820H/ UT-50/AG25+35

Hello Paul,

I am looking forward to working you on AO27 soon.

For satellite antenna autotracking:

I am using Nova for windows  see:   http://www.nlsa.com     for their 
tracking software and hardware.

with NOVA on my pc and the Yaesu G5400/5500 and a LabJack on the USB 
port from the computer
and connecting to the Yaesu controller with a supplied 5 pin DIN cable 
any sat is easily and cost effectively
autotracked. LabJack will not control the receiver for doppler frequency 
correction. NLSA sells a daughterboard
 compatible with the LabJack and NOVA to connect the LabJack to the 
Yaesu az/el controller.
After a minor setup in NOVA, your antennas will autotrack any satellite 
Forget the very pricey G232 adapter box.

For the Icom mast mounted low noise preamplifier:

With the preamp at the antenna and ON, listening to a distant station, 
turn the preamp OFF.
If the distant station is more hearable with the preamplifier ON than 
OFF, the preamplifier is working.

If you can hear the distant station better with the preamp OFF, the 
preamp is toasted,
or you are in a very strong electromagnetic environment
and the preamp may be saturated with other RF, pagers, other comms, 
taxis, etc.
Usually the first active device is the first to get toasted.

Try adding a good band pass filter between the transceiver and the 
antenna feed line,
is there an improvement in hearing a distant station ?    If there is 
add the good band pass filter between the antenna and the mast mounted 
preamplifier and check again.
If preamplifier performance is better with the band pass filter, weather 
proof it and leave in line.

The ICOM mast mounted preamplifiers are rather broad banded devices.
The SSB electronics mast mounted preamplifiers are a premium device with 
a premium price.
The price is for the built in band pass filter, in the weatherproof 
enclosure. Consider the LANDWEHR
mast mounted preamplifiers, excellent mast mounted preamplifiers with 
low noise and a tight band pass.
LANDWEHR preamps are no longer sold new in America.

The preamplifier is only needed with the satellite downlink.

as far as packet goes, newer satellites will have 9600 and higher 
speeds.  Better get ready now.

Stan, WA1ECF     FN41sr    Cape Cod, MA

Paul Luggar wrote:

>Hi all, I am new to amateur sat work, I am in the process of setting up a
>tracking station but need some advice/help on a couple of things.
>  I have bought an Icom AG25 and AG35 pre-amps, they both have the same
>fault in that they do not increase signal strength but they reduce it!  I
>think the GasFets may be faulty. The solenoids and RF switches work ok as
>does the power IC.  What I need to know is how do I/can I "test" the GasFet
>in circut? There are four legs on the GasFet, all but the RF in have 8 volts
>on them....
>Next question, where can I obtain some 3SK121 GasFets as used by Icom?
> I am also looking for an Icom UT-50 tone squelch unit if anybody has one or
>two  for sale?  (I would like to use my 820H on the local repeaters as well)
>What software is considered suitable for use with a Yaesu GS232 for driving
>a Yaesu 5500 rotator to track ham sats? (Win 98SE here)
>Finally, I want to work APRS through the sats, is there any need to upgrade
>my TNC to 9600 baud?  I have two PK900's which can have timewaves 9600 modem
>fitted but they are expensive so is this worth doing and is this upgrade any
>Lots of questions from a newbie!
>Thanks for any help.
>M3SCI  (UK)
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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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