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Icom 820H/ UT-50/AG25+35

Hi all, I am new to amateur sat work, I am in the process of setting up a
tracking station but need some advice/help on a couple of things.
  I have bought an Icom AG25 and AG35 pre-amps, they both have the same
fault in that they do not increase signal strength but they reduce it!  I
think the GasFets may be faulty. The solenoids and RF switches work ok as
does the power IC.  What I need to know is how do I/can I "test" the GasFet
in circut? There are four legs on the GasFet, all but the RF in have 8 volts
on them....
Next question, where can I obtain some 3SK121 GasFets as used by Icom?

 I am also looking for an Icom UT-50 tone squelch unit if anybody has one or
two  for sale?  (I would like to use my 820H on the local repeaters as well)

What software is considered suitable for use with a Yaesu GS232 for driving
a Yaesu 5500 rotator to track ham sats? (Win 98SE here)

Finally, I want to work APRS through the sats, is there any need to upgrade
my TNC to 9600 baud?  I have two PK900's which can have timewaves 9600 modem
fitted but they are expensive so is this worth doing and is this upgrade any

Lots of questions from a newbie!

Thanks for any help.
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