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NAVSPASUR Radar Ping (moon)

>>> <walnuthil@juno.com> 4/19/04 10:49:27 PM >>>
>Thank you for all the postings especially the ones 

Your welcome... and (drum roll please) today at 
exactly 1511z I finally heard the moon!  No question
about it, but it was weaker than I expected.  I was
using a dipole infront of a 5 foot square of chicken
wire bent into a parabola along the dipole axis and

At 11:11:30 I could start to hear a tone
At 11:12:30 it was definately there
At 11:13:30 it was still there quite strong
By 11:14:00 it was wek
by  11:15:00 it was gone.

It was a pure carrier, just a tone.  No discernable
Doppler by ear, but next time, I'd like to make a
DIGIPAN view of it...

I heard it at 216.981300 or about 1300 Hz hi 
plus of course the CW offset.  This was on the
91.5 degree azimuth from Texas.  Later today
on the 271.5 degree vector you can hear it 
again, but it should be below the center frequency
because then the moon is moving away...

Now, to try to hear the ISS.  It is much smaller
than the moon, but it is 30 dB closer!  (But
it only lasts 3 seconds... or someething like

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