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RE: FO-29 Back - Rev 37887 over NA (4/19/04 5:44 UTC)

FO-29 Worked: Rev 37887, 5:44 UTC, 4/19/04

I'm please to report FO-29 is back, right on schedule! Working Al (N7EQF) on
AO-7 Mode A over the Pacific Ocean, Al reminded me that FO-29 was nearing
AOS over the East Coast of North America and should be back on. When we
cleared AO-7, we both agreed to meet on FO-29 -- if the transponder was
active. I listened carefully for the beacon -- and there it was at AOS! I
then called CQ a little above the center of the pass-band and heard myself
(I was quite relieved). Howard (K6IA) came back to me while the bird was
still at quite a distance. As the bird approached TOC for me, Al joined in.
We worked the bird to LOS.

This was sure good news to me -- I didn't want to see us lose another bird
(particularly a fine satellite like FO-29). Many thanks to Masa and the
control team in Japan. 


Chuck - KE6OAG 

Director, Stanislaus Amateur Radio Association's SpaceNet and SatNet
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