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RE: Re: Re: Funny old satellite design

PCBs were invented in WW-II for the "top secret" proximity detonators used
on anti-aircraft shells for the pacific theater. The small group (including
a ham radio operator) designed and built the electronic detonator using the
standard chassis construction technique, but the tight volume limitations
did not allow that luxury. As a result, they invented a plate drilled with
holes with the conductors on the bottom and components on top. Initially, it
was a printed wiring board, and now days its a printed circuit board. I
don't know in which decade the PWB became common place in the commercial
world, but I am not surprised that it wasn't used extensively in the 1950s.

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I also noticed that they didn't use any kind of PCB, or structure to hold
the components.
I would say all components would be "pressed" down due to the high G-force
of the rocket...

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