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Re: Sky-command on ANY radio

>>> Diane Bruce <db@db.net> 4/17/04 11:56:14 AM >>>
>  Well, the subtext here is, the manufacturers are driving us instead
>of the customers driving them. The comment that Kenwood has persuaded
>the FCC to change the regs shows they are driving us (the customers.)
>Would it not be nice if we could insist that Kenwood serve our needs

Manufacturers dont invent stuff and then look for customers!
That would be business lunacy.  MFRS invest in products
that their users are demanding.  How many phone calls a
day do you think Kenwood gets asking for things like that?

In fact, the most common GRIPE from hams is that they ask
for all kinds of things and it takes years to get them...  Then
when one MFR goes to try to make such a request a reality,
then some hams gripe about that too...


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