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Re: Sky-command on ANY radio

On Apr 16, 2004, at 4:33 PM, John K9IJ wrote:

> Where do you think you can slot multiple channels (and it will take
> multiple) for that operation on two meters, in an already overcrowded
> band plan. You can say goodbye to weak signal work because if it's
> made legal, those stations will pop down anywhere and all it will
> take is one Sky Command downlink on 14.200 to screw it up for
> everybody that's been using that portion of the band for years.

Again, it's worth reading the FCC's NPRM and not the ARRL's account
since it excluded the satellite subband *and* the weak signal portions
of the band.

99 percent of the rest of the country doesn't suffer from SoCal's
congestion problem, radio or otherwise...  The FCC mentioned that it
should be subject to voluntary bandplans.

Mike W4LNA

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