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sky-command again...


Why KENWOOD doesn't make seperate modules on shf frequencies. Like 2m via 
coax in and 10GHz out, and 10GHz in and 70cm out. And at the other end the 
same for the remote station...
Then the 2m and 70cm ether spectrum will at least be clean.
On 10GHz or maybe higher freq. there is lot of space and you can make a 
small beam and don't interfering nearby stations.

Simple gunplexer would be possible... no KENWOOD wants own system... only 
smells like $$$$  By the way, I don't want to see this system widely used 
during HF contests...
Then I can better sell my 2m and 70cm...

And how these "links" are protected against unproper users ????
When the remote station has a link on satellites, than also none satellite 
licenses can do it...
Same on HF freq... Who will be responsible for the transmission ???

73 de PE1RAH,

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