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re: Big FCC Proposal


When I am right the kenwood trx is just used as a repeater.
In my country (PA) you need a special permission for that...

And then how can a company like KENWOOD get permission for modes in ham 
bands ?
Let them use the ISM frequencies, like the 70cm or 13cm commercial freqs...

I have the FT847, this has also a repeater function, even FM in SSB out :o)
When I ask a special permission, and get it, I can have a remote satellite 
Thats not very new. The only thing is that with a satellite repeater you 
have the same problems as the ground-repeaters, after a while it will just 
be a taking box of hams not interrested in radio but only interrested in 
talking %$&/%$%...

In technical way I am not against the system...
For use like education, JOTA etc etc its a great help to have your station 
unmoved and use a small station with a link to you (big) station at home.
For public ham use, I think it will be like I mentioned above...

So for hams needing the link, they just can apply for the special permission 
and it will be no problem.

Kind regards,

William with just another opinion,

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