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Re: Sky-command on ANY radio

At 04:00 PM 4/16/2004 -0400, you wrote:
> >What is concerning... is how the FCC seems to be
> >swayed more and more commercial interest.
> >Whether or not this 'Sky Command' is a good ...
> >...but it still only pertains to Kenwood radios at this time.
>Several comments.
>1) What would HAM radio be if we didnt have YeaComWood ?
>2) I'm glad Kenwood can afford to lobby the FCC in our behalf.
>     We sure can't afford it...
>3) Sky command is NOTHING unique.  It is AX.25 and PL tones
>Anyone can SKY command a radio and anyone can assemble
>BOTH ends of the link and SKY command any radio.  Back
>when I first heard about it, I was all ready to write the simple
>software to take the commands from ANY TNC and use them
>to generate the unique RADIO serial port commands for my
>other non-kenwood radios.    Then anyone can "sky command"
>any radio using what they already have.
>The only edge that Kenwood has is that their TH-D7 APRS
>HT has the TNC and command syntacs built in, making for
>a very convenient package.
>Like I said, I was already to add SKY command protocols to
>APRS since Its only ASCII text strings sent by normal PACKET
>to control a radio.  But then I got busy with other things and
>there was the ARRL shooting us all in the foot by making
>the archaic conclusions that it "violated" the rules.

As I recall, that wasn't the issue. And it 'did' violate the rules that
were in (and are still in) place. There was MAJOR MAJOR opposition
and will be again from parts of there country where 2M congestion
is already terrible (SoCal for example). Add a couple dozen people
running sky command to radios up in the mountain tops and 2 Meters
will be worse than it already is, which is pretty bad in some areas.

Where do you think you can slot multiple channels (and it will take
multiple) for that operation on two meters, in an already overcrowded
band plan. You can say goodbye to weak signal work because if it's
made legal, those stations will pop down anywhere and all it will
take is one Sky Command downlink on 14.200 to screw it up for
everybody that's been using that portion of the band for years.

>Fortunately Kenwood had the wherewithall to afford to hire
>all the legal blue-suits to go to the FCC and petition them to
>update their 1934 rules about AUX remote control operation
>to make it "legal" to remotely monitor a radio on 2m that was
>under remote control on UHF.

Those rules are from a LOT later than 1934. The Sixties as I

>So glad to see Kenwood taking action in our behalf.

Not so glad to see $$$ being more important than fair band use.

>And dont think of this as just Kenwood.  ANyone can write
>software that runs on a PC that can implement it all even
>without a TNC and output the YEASU and the ICOM
>radio control protocols so that you can remote control ANY
>controllable radio...

Yep. Hams have been doing it for 40 years without screwing up
2 Meters.

>This is not the end of HAM radio, it is the recognition of
>the advance of technology to the present where we have
>the ability to remote control radios for our benefit, so lets
>use it...

It's NOT a technology issue. Never has been.

John - K9IJ


John Rice  K9IJ
Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor

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